Eye on Heritage


Into Pittsburgh's sacred places Eye on Heritage will take your eyes where they have never traveled before. The site designers have a strong interest in historic preservation and restoration of worthy buildings our ancestors have built with their nickles, dimes, and quarters. They gave us a rich heritage of sacred places in which to encounter mystery and in which to be supported in faith.

We understand that when a congregation cannot maintain a sacred place, it may be time for them to entrust the heritage building to a new sympathetic and creative caretaker. This often means that the new owner will make the building come alive again for the neighborhood. Or it may just be time for the current congregation to create a secular non-profit corporation to focus only on restoring the bricks and mortar of the historic structure and opening it up to broader uses. Either way, the "greenest" sacred space is the one which is already built! Preserved, restored, and cared for these buildings will last hundreds more years and make the neighborhoods attractive to tourists and residents alike.

This genus of buildings will never be built again in America, in Pittsburgh; they are one of a kind. Every building has a story and we hope you will become part of the story by restoring the building your eyes fall in love with, or one close in your neighborhood, or one with the greatest need. The one falling down is always the one that is the most fun with which to get involved! So we are providing contact information for you to offer your time, talent or treasure to the right person. Enjoy your adventure into sacred spaces.